1. Count Down

    You’re not even gone
    But I miss you already
    I go through the motions
    And smile like I used to
    But it’s not in my eyes
    I know that you see it
    Because we don’t kiss
    Like we used to
    There’s an edge of
    In each and every moment
    They’re all numbered
    And soon it will be our last one


  2. Rant

    So. I’m pissed off.

    I dropped out of high school after I turned 18 during fall of 2012 and started attending my local community college winter term of 2013.

    Now, after attending college for over a year now and having completed numerous college level classes such as trig and writing 121 and 122 among countless others and getting straight As in all of them, isn’t it a tad redundant for financial aid to make me get my GED now in order to qualify? It’s just a waste of money that I don’t have to spare.

    It’s a stupid fucking requirement.

    *long story short I dropped out because high school was pointless, boring, stressful and I had serious health issues throughout all of it and finally once I was getting better my “best friend” tried to get me kicked out of the private school I had got into on a scholarship because she didn’t like me being friends with her friends. She told all the teachers I was a junkie and all this other bullshit and even after voluntarily taking a drug test they still didn’t believe me so I went to college instead. It’s been a lot better than high school ever was.


  3. Blame

    Sometimes the tears ebb
    And instead of something dead inside
    Fire consumes all that you left behind
    Because I did not ask for this
    I did not want to fall in love


  4. Lonely Thoughts

    No matter how many arguments
    Simple god damn explanations
    It doesn’t change the fact
    That soon
    You’ll be gone
    All that will remain
    Is the heart wrenching belief
    That I wasn’t enough
    To make you want to stay


  5. They leave me lonely

    I can’t help but stare
    Into the cold empty sky
    The stars distant pinpricks
    Quiet lights left on, too bright
    And I feel it more than usual
    The emptiness inside


  6. Lately people have been reading my stuff…
    And even stranger
    And I’m just here like
    And then I just pretend no one reads it still
    And I keep writing
    Not that I don’t appreciate it because I reallyreally do
    It’s just kind of strange
    But good
    So thank you :)
    And hi followers, new and old <3


  7. Cigarettes

    Sometimes they taste like summer, a drunken blur of wild nights.
    Sometimes they taste like heartbreak, shattered and lonely.
    Sometimes they taste like hope, a fresh breath of cold night air.
    Sometimes they taste like time, years past and miles away.
    Sometimes they just taste burnt
    And there isn’t anything to them
    Besides the bitterness and choking smoke
    That leaves me empty


  8. What if you heard me?

    I tell you in the words
    I don’t say
    My nails scream it
    Muffled against your skin
    Can’t you read the truth
    Imprinted on my eyelids?
    Hear it in each kiss?
    Feel it in my heartbeats
    That always sound so frantic?
    i need you
    But I can’t say it
    Out loud


  9. Unseen

    I remember when you used to try to convince me
    That things would get better
    It was like describing color to a blind person
    Impossible to believe
    If it’s something you’ve never known
    But once you experience it
    You think back to those darker times
    And you wonder how you got on
    Without truly knowing
    That there is more to life
    Than the cold endless night


  10. Breaking Point

    I withstood it
    All the anger
    And the screaming
    The tears only fell
    When you graced me with
    Soft words
    Showing me the kindness
    That I had lost faith in