1. "The vodka is not enough. The cigarettes are never enough. But you, my dear, you were always enough."
    — I can’t stop drinking and I miss you like hell (via youremybrokenbones)

    (via schtef)


  2. An Apology

    I’m sorry (in advance)
    For the pain I will undoubtedly cause you

    I care about the aftermath
    That I will leave in my wake
    It is not my intention to hurt you (But I will)

    You’ve come in late to the game
    And you cannot win over
    Something that belongs to another

    In another world (one without him)
    Everything would be different
    And maybe falling for you
    Wouldn’t break me too

    I only wish you could have seen
    How unlike this was of me (until he left)
    But he took away too much
    And this mess is all that’s left (it won’t be enough)
    You deserve better than that


  3. Mantra

    Maybe if I keep telling myself that I’m okay
    I can keep the pain at bay

    I feel like I’m drowning
    But I’m too numb to really care

    It’s like I’m drunk and just can’t understand
    I keep wondering where you went
    The boy I fell in love with
    The one who made me feel safe


  4. Connected

    I fell so hard for you
    That I’m not sure I would survive
    Another fall

    The red string wrapped
    Around my heart
    Pulls me toward you
    No matter how far away
    You are

  5. Double exposure of me


  6. Mine

    I thought that I could handle it
    That it would be okay
    To ask if there were other women
    But the thought of you with someone else
    Leaves my stomach rolling
    I can’t stand picturing their skin
    Against yours
    Their lips kissing you
    Your hands on them
    Because you are mine
    As I am yours
    But even though it hurts
    We both know
    That they mean nothing to you


  7. "Dear you,
    My supply of cork topped glass bottles
    has now come to an end. I shall visit
    the sea tonight to blow a kiss into the
    breeze and pray it finds you wherever
    you are.
    If you find this final letter, please know
    that even though our paths may never
    meet, I can feel you with me, by my side
    each and every day; and know that I
    have always loved you and will continue
    to do so, until I shape my final breath into
    a kiss and once again cast it out onto
    the gentle breeze, to one day.meet your
    Please come home.
    Forever yours,"
    — (via graciouswords)

    (via poetry-central)


  8. Changed

    I kept hoping that
    While you were away
    You would grow up

    I didn’t know that
    The boy I fell in love with
    Would disappear

    Replaced by an arrogant man
    Cold and distant
    A stranger
    Looking through your eyes


  9. Static

    Trying not to miss you
    Is like trying to make my heart stop
    As much as I may wish for an end
    In the darkest of hours
    I could not do it
    Just as I could never regret you
    Because I would rather ache for the memories
    Than dream of something I’ve never
    Had the blessing of experiencing
    There is nothing like the pure rush of life
    That only exists
    Between lovers
    Two bodies
    One soul


  10. Sated

    It’s strange
    How something so small
    As a conversation
    Can leave me smiling for days
    I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear your voice
    Hear you laugh
    I could almost see your smile
    Almost pretend you weren’t oceans away
    It gives me hope
    For someday